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Improving the Employee Onboarding Experience

We helped Audible HR level up employee with a customizable welcome app

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As a the leader in audio books, Audible wanted to emulate the same great experience consumers had with audio book app and build an HR app that welcomed new employees to the company in advance of their start date with pertinent information to set them up for success on the job day one.

When we began our work, there was no technical solution and employees received static information via email.  Zoe Rumford, VP of Human Resources, saw an opportunity to improve upon this given her prior experience with more developed tools – a fully functional HR app for employees that included employee onboarding. After researching the marketplace for off-the-shelf solutions, it was clear that none existed that suited Audible’s needs.

We set off to build a simple, flexible tool that would not only meet HR and new employees’ needs, but would also meet Amazon’s.

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We are delighted with the final product

Zoe Rumford,

Senior Director of Human Resources

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