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Launching a 
Digital Magazine

Architecting and deploying a platform for a digital magazine with room to grow

    • Web
    • Custom Publishing Platform
    • Scalability
    • Social Network
    • User Generated Content
    • Engineering
    • Design
    • Product Management
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Catapult is offering creative-writing workshops and next week will launch a website where it will publish narrative nonfiction and fiction pieces, as well as a community site where writers can post works in progress and receive feedback from peers

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In 2014, Andy Hunter joined literary publishing house Black Balloon Publishing with a mission put before him: to build an online presence that would resonate with budding writers.

After having successfully launched Electric Literature, Lithub, and other sites using Wordpress, Andy had developed a more ambitious vision for Catapult – an online community of budding writers, given better tools to help each other develop than ever before. We set to work on a custom Ruby on Rails-based platform that would scale with Catapult’s trajectory.

We worked with Catapult’s book designers to craft a visual style that felt of and for real writers. We designed a flexible interface for the editorial team and iterated the design to fit their needs as well as the needs of Catapult readers. Catapult launched successfully in September 2015.

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This is the smoothest launch I’ve ever had.

Andy Hunter,

Publisher & COO

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