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HappyFunCorp (HFC) is a software engineering firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. We’re a happy family of 52 smart, talented, and yet humble engineers, designers and product architects. Engineering has been and always will be what drives everyone at HappyFunCorp.

We believe in holistically building cutting edge products. We build for the web, mobile, and really anything on the internet. Whether you’re a startup looking to build the next great product or a Fortune 500 company in need of more hands to solve a complicated technology problem, HFC will fill that need.

No matter the size, we believe that tackling complicated problems begins at the product level. Great products are built using the best blends of product engineering, product design and strategy. No great business is built with a single solution, and with over 20 years experience, HFC is well equipped to engineer the right solution for your individual and business needs.

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