We’re happy and fun. We’re distributed. We’re experienced.

Working at HappyFunCorp means working with great people on an interesting range of projects. Our HQ is in Brooklyn but our team spans the globe. We’re looking for folks who are friendly, hard-working, curious, and whip smart.

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  • Vacation
  • Unlimited time off, we’ll hold your job
  • Great Healthcare
  • 401k
  • Work in Brooklyn, San Francisco, or wherever home is for you
  • Office Snacks
  • Get to collaborate with thoughtful and purposeful colleagues focused on building best-in-class software

Experienced Technical Project Manager

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Are you a master of project managment, with some technical chops and know the ins and outs of the product process and how products are built?

Must Haves
  • You have a great attitude, fantastic communication, and experience working with tech startups.
  • You can demonstrate your strengths as a project manager and how you interacted with developers, product architects and designers to get a product built and delivered.
  • You are located in NYC or can commute to Brooklyn daily.You have an understanding of technology and what tools are used to build digital products.
Nice to Haves
  • You are familiar with Jira.
  • You have some development experience.
  • You have some product experience.

If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you! Tell us all about you, don’t just send us a resume. We want to hear how you want to make an impact on the world of technology!

Experienced Product Architect

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We are a product driven company and are looking for more strong product architects. What we look for is someone with experience turning ideas into full fledged products.

Must Haves
  • You have experience with startups and what works and what doesn’t.
  • You care about validating ideas, finding the answers when you don’t have them and when to use established patterns as well as break them.
  • You understand that when working with a startup it is about using resources wisely and building things under various constraints.
  • You are located in NYC or can commute to the office daily.

If these challenges excite you, if you are a whiteboarding fanatic and a wireframing guru, if you are saying “OH MY GOD THAT’S ME!!!!!”, you might be a great fit!

Experienced Rails, Android, React, & iOS Engineers

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We are looking for experienced developers in any or all of the above areas. Here are some of the things we are looking for:

Must Haves
  • You have a great attitude, fantastic communication, and experience working with startups.
  • You are passionate about development and are interested in what’s happening now and pushing your skills.
  • You are familiar with the product process and have experience working with teams of Product Architects, Project Managers and Designers.
Nice to Haves
  • You are in NYC or able to commute.
  • You are familiar with Jira.
  • You have experience with automated infrastructure using Chef and/or Puppet.

Do these describe you? Then you should reach out to us. Tell us what you specialize in. Do you love front end Javascript frameworks? Are you a wiz when it comes to video/image processing? Maybe you really shine in api creation, or you are a master of front end development. Tells us all about you!