New Products

Deliver bold new software experiences to the web, mobile, and more.

New Products

Build your rocket

Whether you’re starting from the back of a napkin, a pitch deck, or a prototype in the marketplace, HFC can work with your team to craft award-winning digital experiences across user classes and channels.

New Product teams from HFC offer a blend of strategy, user experience expertise, and technical acumen that comes from launching dozens of innovative products with startups and Fortune 500s alike for more than a decade.

New Products

Craft a flight plan

We meet you where you are, and build the right team to craft and iterate your product using a nimble Agile framework.

  • Define the problem and your target users
  • Gather competitive and user research to inform product decisions
  • Generate user stories and wireframes
  • Build using lightweight Agile practices
  • Test & analyze usage data and user feedback
  • Iterate & improve

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About Our Culture

HappyFunCorp strives to cultivate an environment where talented people can do great work – and have fun doing it.

  • Positivity. It’s a Happy Fun team, and we aim to keep it that way.
  • Selectivity. We’re built on trust, and that trust is rooted in every HappyFunCorp team member bringing high EQ as well as sharp technical skills to the table.
  • Efficiency. We know time matters: for our clients, our families, and our passions. We respect it by continuously working smarter to the benefit of everyone we work with.
  • Collaboration. We know that software is a team sport – and we’re better when we work together.
About our culture