Our Mission

At HappyFunCorp, we help people build better software.

What we've done

We aim to have the best people and teams for the task at hand and do our best to eliminate mainstream boundaries that create unnecessary tension. We do this by identifying and working with all people. No matter your age, location, shape, gender, race, or orientation - we look for a comprehensive and different perspective. It's our secret sauce, and does it work.

Inequality is inefficient and lacking in opportunity. Be who you are and come work with us.

By creating an inclusive working environment and eliminating stressors, the craft and art become the focus, and the products people want to use are built.

happyfuncorp team
happyfuncorp team

What we’re working on

The American economy has been very good to HappyFunCorp over the past decade. As we look into the next ten years, we're focused on extending our mission with an even bigger vision.

Harnessing the power of the Internet to help rebuild the middle class.

As part of our broader mission to find and work with the best people and teams for the tasks at hand, we attempt to identify technologists in underserved towns, cities, and communities that have a passion for programming and product design. Sending money into underserved communities is the best way to stimulate local economies, provide growth opportunities, and share in the upside.

If that’s you, share your story with us.

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happyfuncorp team
happyfuncorp team

What’s next

Identify two or more underserved community hubs and create learning centers where HappyFunCorp advisors, among others, can teach the tools of the trade, empowering the people and the community while providing relevant, hirable skills.

With Love,
the HappyFunCorp Family.

Interested in working with us? We're always looking for great people.