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TV Platforms
  • tvOS is the OS for AppleTV, Apple's TV set top box. Development is similar to iOS as it uses the same dev tools, App Store, and Swift/Objective-C.
  • Tizen is Samsung's OS that powers wearables and mobile devices in addition to popular Samsung (and soon other EOM's) TVs.
  • Roku is a popular set-top box and TV platform with its own unique coding language.
  • Android TV and Fire TV are essentially sister platforms – one for Google and OEMs like nVidia, one for Amazon and its hardware. They're both Java-based, however.

Expanding Large Brands

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Health & Fitness

Samsung Health | Making Fitness More Engaging on Your Samsung TV

Samsung Health

Making Fitness More Engaging on Your Samsung TV

We launched multiple Tizen apps in Samsung Health’s 2020 expansion to TV, bringing native fitness experiences to millions of homes.

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(Almost) everything you wanted to know about Tizen TV apps but were afraid to ask

If you’re looking at expanding your platform’s footprint into the OTT space, here’s what you need to know about Samsung’s Smart TV platform.

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